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  • Aristotle commented on Perl5 to Perl6 conversion a la Perl::Critic

    The front page is regenerated statically every few minutes.

  • Yary commented on Focussing Haskell on Perl 6

    I like the concept, but can the syntax be made to look more like the binding operator and less like a comparison? eg

    $a :< $lens >: $b; # Either side triggers change in other
    $a << $lens >: $b; # $b changes when $a does
    $a = 'foo bar'; is-deeply $b, [ 'foo', 'bar' ]; # ok 1
    $b.[0] = 'moo'; is-deeply $b, [ 'moo', 'bar' ]; is $a, 'foo bar'; # ok 2, ok 3

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