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  • Posted Rakudo Star: Past Present and Future to Steve Mynott

    At YAPC::EU 2010 in Pisa I received a business card with "Rakudo Star" and the
    with a countdown to 1200 UTC. I still have mine, although it has a tea stain
    on it and I refreshed my memory over the holida…

  • Posted Rakudo Star 2016.11 Release Candidate to Steve Mynott

    There is a Release Candidate for Rakudo Star 2016.11 (currently RC2) available at

    This includes binary installers for Windows and Mac.

    Usually Star is released about every three months but last month's rel…

  • Posted You Wouldn't BELIEVE what I saw at YAPC::EU!!! to Steve Mynott

    We turned up in Cluj via Wizz Air to probably one of the best pre YAPC parties ever located on three levels on the rooftop of Evozon‎’s plush city centre offices. We were well supplied with excellent wine, snacks and the local Ursus beer and had many interesting conversations with old…

  • Commented on Need Perl6 modules on Windows then use Zef
    Thanks for that Charlie! Sadly there are few people using rakudo on Windows. I've added some "errata" comments to
  • Posted German Perl Workshop 2016 to Steve Mynott

    The meeting first night was in a large beer bar in the centre of Nuremberg.
    Despite several of the well named Bitburgers we managed to arrive at the
    conference venue on time the following m…

  • Posted FOSDEM 2016 to Steve Mynott

    To me It seemed a particularly good FOSDEM for both for Perl5/6 and
    *BSD or Tor stalls. I was stuck by the statistic that there were
    about 500 speakers from many thousands of people so of the order of

  • Commented on On the Semantic Naming of Things
    Which languages are you talking about? Both Lisp and Fortran have actively developed multiple versions....
  • Commented on On the Semantic Naming of Things
    Both Lisp and Fortran names date from the 1950s and are still used today despite having changed radically since their origin. Why should Perl be any different?...
  • Commented on On the Semantic Naming of Things
    Your blog posting is pure FUD. Neither did you understand Zoffix’s response since “impossible for historical reasons” does mean “NOW impossible”. The reasons are in the past not the possibility of change. As for your food analogy I’ve seen American...
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  • Wbiker commented on Need Perl6 modules on Windows then use Zef

    Hmm, sounds to me that git is not in the Windows Path variable. I use panda without problems on Windows and HTTP::UserAgent was installed without errors too. The same with Powershell and Panda.

    When I open a new command line and enter "WHERE git", Windows says me it is in C:\Program Files\Git\cmd\git.exe.

    So, I think you have rather a configuration than a panda problem.

  • ugexe commented on Need Perl6 modules on Windows then use Zef

    There are multiple reports of panda not working on Windows, this is hardly a unique experience to op. If you read his entire post you'll even see that he got past the 'git' issue, so what you're referring to has nothing to do with his problem.

  • Wbiker commented on Need Perl6 modules on Windows then use Zef

    I do not say that panda does not have problems on Windows.
    I do say that the error "'git' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file." is not a panda one.
    I read the entire post and the gist as well. And his walkaround was to use the Git shell not to put the git.exe in the PATH environment variable. If you use the GIT CMD shell it works as well.
    So, Panda has flaws but you cannot blame it for this git problem thing.

  • ugexe commented on Need Perl6 modules on Windows then use Zef

    You are assuming panda does not have the ability to change the environmental variables it spawns processes (like git itself). I know for a fact the way it handles environmental variables for spawned processes is bugged, because I've fixed it in Zef years ago.

  • ugexe commented on Need Perl6 modules on Windows then use Zef

    Hint: there are ramifications from switching to 'run' from 'shell' that require more than passing an array of command parts instead of a string

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