German Perl Workshop 2016

The meeting first night was in a large beer bar in the centre of Nuremberg.
We went back to the Best Western to find a certain exPumpkin already resident in the bar.
Despite several of the well named Bitburgers we managed to arrive at the
conference venue on time the following morning. Since my knowledge of German was
limited to a C grade 'O' Level last century my review talks will be mostly
limited to English talks. Apologies in advance to those giving German talks
(not unreasonable considering the country). Hopefully other blog posts will
cover these.

Masak spoke about the dialectic between planning (like physics) and chaos (like
biology) in software development.

Tobias gave a good beginners guide to Perl 6 in German and I was able to follow
most of the slides since I knew more Perl 6 than German and even learnt a thing
or two.

After lunch Stefan told us he was dancing around drunk and naked on the turn of
the 2000s and also about communication between Perl 6 and Perl 5 and back again
via his modules Inline::Perl5 (from Perl 6) -- the most important take away
being that "use Foo::Bar:from<Perl5>" can be used from Perl 6 and "use
Inline::Perl6" from Perl 5. The modules built bridges like those built in the
old school computer game "Lemmings".

Max told us (in German) about his Dancer::SearchApp search
engine which has based on Elastic Search but I was able to follow along on the
English version of his slides on the web.

Sue got excited about this. Tina showed us some slides in Vim and her module
to add command line tab completion to script arguments using zsh and bash. I
wondered whether some of her code could be repurposed to add fish shell man
page parsing autocompletion to zsh. She also had a good lightening talk about
Ingy's command line utility for github.

Second day started early with Moritz talking about Continuous Delivery which
could mean just delivering to a staging server. He was writing a book about it
at with slides at:

Salve wanted us to write elegant code as a reply to the Perl Jam guy at CCC in
a self confessed "rant".

Sawyer described writing Ref::Util to optimise things like "ref $foo" in a
Hardcore Perl 5 XS/Core talk and Masak told us about his little 007 language
written in Perl 6 as a proof of concept playroom for future Perl 6 extended
macro support and demonstrated code written over lunch in support of this.

Stefan gave a great talk about CURLI and explained the complexity of what was

I gave my talk on "Simple Perl 6 Fractals and Concurrency" on Friday. It
started badly with AV issues my side but seemed well received. It was useful
speaking with people about it and I managed to speed things up *after* the talk
and I should have new material for a 2.0 version.

There were very good talks on extracting data from PDFs and writing JSON apis.

looked very interesting and would have saved me much coding at a recent job.

There were some great lightening talks at th end of the day. Sawyer wanted
people to have English slides and gave his talk in Hebrew to stress this.
Things ended Friday night with great food and beer in a local bar.

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