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  • Commented on Acme-oop-ism Part Two: Type::Tiny
    This is wonderful, excellent news. Thanks so much! (found via Perl Weekly)...
  • Commented on Alien::Base is almost ready
    This sounds fantastic. I have dabbled with Alien:: modules in the past for wxWidgets and SDL, and wondered whether it wouldn’t be a good idea to abstract out all all that cross-platform dependency stuff and make it easy. You’re a...
  • Commented on My CPAN Book
    I would agree. The book looks sexy (bravo on that) but it's a pain to have my Adobe Reader browser plugin open just to skim a chapter. Would you consider putting a small web framework into the git repo as...
  • Posted Ctypes update: pretty objects to doubi

    Since my last couple of posts, things have been done:

  • Complete revamping of call logic
  • Finished objects for basic C Types (int, double etc.)
  • A fairly sound cast() function for Ctypes
  • Array objects
  • Despite this, I don't think I'm going to get everythin…

  • Commented on Thoughts on a Ctypes::Type object API
    my $int = c_int 5 would be the ideal, but I don't think there's a way I can tie the object within the c_int() constructor and have $int end up tied?...
  • Posted Following convention across language boundaries to doubi

    I've been meaning to write this post for a while. I'd like your opinion on it.

  • Posted Thoughts on a Ctypes::Type object API to doubi

    For the past few days I've been considering and experimenting with the design of simple Ctypes::Type objects. These are objects which, funnily enough, represent C data types for manipulation in Perl.

    Looking at the Python ctypes module, there were vario…

  • Posted Callbacks done, weird 64bit libffi issue? to doubi

    The week has been frustrating, funny, yet ultimately fruitful.

    I had callbacks to Perl almost working at the start of the week, but couldn't seem to get variables updated 'in place'. The example function I was using to test callbacks, the C…

  • Posted GSoC Update: New objects, Perl callbacks to doubi

    July already - where has the time gone? Oh wait, Twitter can tell me.

    In the wake of my last blog post, rurban told me Magic was more of a 'la…

  • Commented on Magic: too powerful?
    I thought I'd need both actually, the hidden information thing being raw memory containing an actual unsigned long for a Perl Ctypes::c_ulong object. Then you'd define all the ways of interacting with that data for each type/class. The complicated bit...
  • Posted Magic: too powerful? to doubi

    I'm currently at the stage of reading the Python docs and considering what I'll have to keep track of as regards C type objects, and how to do so. The Python ctypes code is delightfully well documented, particularly this…

  • Commented on ffi_call( 'Wolf!' )
    @Reini Urban, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason: Either there's gremlins, or the last time I tried I only tried the ST macro, because today after changing nothing (I was already trying combinations of those settings) the SP macro will give me results!...
  • Commented on ffi_call( 'Wolf!' )
    Hmm. For debugging perl, why would you *not* build a "debugging perl"?Only because I've never built my own Perl and assume it could be a bit of a can of worms :) Thanks for the config advice, I'll try it....
  • Posted ffi_call( 'Wolf!' ) to doubi

    I was pretty excited today because I thought I had my interface for ffi_call working on Linux, and told Twitter and the #soc-help channel all about it. It did seem to be working, until I changed a slight detail in my test script and it became apparent that either there was bewitchery afoot, or I…

  • Commented on Introduction and API spec
    Watch this space ;-) In theory, you could do this once and have a tool script that generates a kind of default class of the target lib for you, with the signatures all filled in. Then I guess you could...
  • Commented on Introduction and API spec
    Nilson, The Python API isn't bad, but from a cursory look, I feel the P5NCI API is better. I'll make sure to revisit the Python docs though, esp. for the OO approach....
  • Posted Introduction and API spec to doubi

    Hello, good evening and welcome.

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    • Reini Urban commented on Introduction and API spec

      jnareb: I'm already working on the header parsing part, so doubi can concentrate on the CTypes specifics. See
      This would be similar to the ctypes codegen project, just simplier.

      doubi: Please stick with the name CTypes, as in python. PTypes would be perl types, and we are dealing with C types; types and values and functions in foreign C land.

    • Aristotle commented on Thoughts on a Ctypes::Type object API

      Ah yes, that issue again… you’re right.

      At least you have the option of c_int my $int = 5.

    • Alberto Simões commented on My CPAN Book


      The idea of PDF is to make it printable. As it is written in PseudoPod, most POD viewers will show it correctly (you can look directly in GitHub, as he formats (bad, but formats) POD).

      Nevertheless, the idea is good (make the book available on the web as a website). Just need the time to set it up.


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