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  • Jason A. Crome commented on Announcing Dancer Core Team Changes

    Thank you, that's great. Looking forward to seeing the PR!

  • James commented on The Hidden Power of Prototypes

    another interesting/useful prototype is `*`,

    sub foo (*) {
    my $fh = qualify_to_ref(shift, caller);

  • Aristotle commented on The Hidden Power of Prototypes

    That seems interesting in the sense of “may you live in interesting times” 😛

    Another possibly useful prototype is the underscore (“_”), which allows functions to default to $_ when given no argument, like e.g. chr and hex do.

  • RonW commented on The Hidden Power of Prototypes

    I agree that prototypes are a very useful tool. Try::ALRM is genuinely useful and interesting.

    I see the main limitation on prototypes being that & only coerces on the first parameter. I don't see a downside to & coercion on subsequent parameters. If the prototype says it should be a code ref, then if it looks like a block, treat it like a block, same as if the "sub" were there.

    I don't see much advantage to Dispatch::Fu. While it adds a little syntactic sugar, it's really just an indirect way to do:

    if ($cgi->param("action") eq q{foo} and $cgi->param("userid") !=…

  • E. Choroba commented on Caching & Memoization with state variables

    No, I mean we only have one subroutine, but we want to use it to generate two different sequences.

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