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  • Aristotle commented on Moving my Perl presence to

    I feel sorry about that, Steve. I get to see most of the caught maybe-spam. For whatever reason, a handful of posts on the site get almost all of the maybe-spam, and two or three of yours are among them. One of mine is another, and SawyerX gets a lot of spam too. I think there are 4 users who bear the brunt of the ambiguously spammy flood, though I can’t remember who the 4th is, and you get by far the most. Don’t ask me why you.

    The rest don’t get harassed much, thankfully.

  • Aristotle commented on Moving my Perl presence to

    (Actually, looking over the recent spam, it is one post of mine that gets spammed, and just about any of yours. SawyerX and whoever the other user was have been left alone – for whatever reason.)

  • mj41 commented on Unexpected PITA progress

    My TapTinder ( , ) is related a bit, but also not as much progress as I wish.

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on Padre is now on Github

    Is the old Svn repository now closed or at least frozen?
    What is the policy for commit bits on the new repo?
    Where are issues tracked now? Still in Track? If yes, the "Issues" tab should be disabled on Github.

  • Gábor Szabó - גאבור סבו commented on Djet

    Great! Can you link to the site(s) that are using it?
    Will you create a web-site for Djet?

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