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  • Honore de Baka commented on CPAN Day - 317 Uploads and 21 Guns

    Disclaimer : What's coming next is a rant. You're free to call me a troll, or simply ignore me on the basis that I have no contributions on CPAN and that non-contributors just have the right to shut up. But as CPAN day passed and I often refreshed MetaCPAN's recent page and looked at the changelogs, I couldn't help but feel appalled by the 'quality' of some releases.


    What's even more spectacular is that in those 24 hours and with 317 releases, your fancy new relea…

  • grt@opendevnet commented on CPAN Day - 317 Uploads and 21 Guns

    @Honore - I'm pretty sure Ingy was not trying to "win" CPAN day. If anything he's shown that with the right workflow, automation and tools - vim + git or some VCS + bash (!?) - committing changes and updates to CPAN can be done on a what approaches massive scale. That could be useful for a private archive (c.f. Pinto) or the "mother ship" canonical CPAN itself. So to me, even though some of the changes were "staged" (literally and figuratively), this auto-Ingy-ification was still a useful demonstration of the power of CPAN and perl ... errm and bash :-D

    But mostly I'm impressed becau…

  • Francisco Obispo commented on Perl Regular Expression Awesomeness

    I realized that the comment section is very small and won't fit the script. I've uploaded it to:

    The script is really fast, it will detect words in the dictionary.

  • ysth commented on Perl Regular Expression Awesomeness

    It's really features of perl's match operator, not the regex engine. Though I am surprised alternate engines don't handle \G; that seems like a glaring bug.

    What perl's match operator does has not just the normal scalar vs list context distinction, but also (orthogonally) /g vs non-/g and capturing parentheses vs no capturing parentheses. It's worthwhile learning how all 8 resulting flavors work.

    See the couple paragraphs before and the paragraph after\G-_assertion_

  • Nova Patch commented on Perl Regular Expression Awesomeness

    \G is documented in Mastering Regular Expressions by Jeffrey Friedl, published in 2006, as being supported by Perl, .NET, and Java, as well as PHP and Ruby, with the latter two having slightly different semantics (which make them less useful than the former three). Perl’s implementation is especially powerful in that the last matching position is associated with the string and not the regex, so it can be used with multiple different regexes on the same string. I’m sure \G support among modern regex engines has changed in the last decade and would be…

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