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  • About: An Israeli software developer, essayist, and writer, and an enthusiast of open/free software and cultural works. I've been working with Perl since 1996.
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  • vitoandre.doria commented on Why you probably don't want to use claws-mail

    Holy Moly!

    Sorry to say that but both of you act like assholes and i am not sure who is to blame more?

    The user entering the channel trolling around or the op responding accordingly?

    Well lets get constructive shall we?
    I too use Claws Mail (under Windows). To be honest nearly all E-Mail Clients suck. Someone said once about Claws Mail "it just sucks less than others" and i think that's right. Its flawed in some ways. Like:
    * Why can't i access my mails while its fetching new ones?
    * The search of course! I too would like to see a simple "Search Body…

  • marthalucas commented on Some Perl-Related Bugs and How They Were Fixed.

    I want to share a useful tip. If you are facing troubleshooting problem, then there is a need to view hidden files. If you feel like, Try these

  • JJ Merelo commented on Do your piece to fix TIOBE or stop talking about it

    Still as needed as ever...

  • bois commented on Why you probably don't want to use claws-mail

    I never heard of claws mail until today, I did a quick search to gather some info and this page was in the first results.

    The IRC logs imply a blatant mistake, if not a perverse evil intent, on the maintainers' part for not documenting what is without doubt an essential function of a mail software that aims to be user-friendly. But, as anyone who has ever done useful work to the society knows, when a maintainer and a user have a heated argument, typically it's the user who has a problem. So, inspired by your post, I decided to try claws mail out to decide whether it is worth my time …

  • bois commented on Why you probably don't want to use claws-mail

    And yes, I'm not going to help someone who is unable to follow guidance from upstream or at least cooperate with them, because I dream of a better world where people don't troll at volunteers.

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