Happy 15th Birthday, Devel::Cover!

Today is Devel::Cover's 15th anniversary. Version 0.01 was released on 9th
April 2001. Which was a day after Perl 5.6.1 was released. Perl 5.6.1 was the
first Perl version which provided the necessary infrastructure for Devel::Cover
to work.

In commemoration I have released Devel::Cover 1.22, which is the one hundred and
twenty-second release of Devel::Cover.

Over that time there have been 1394 commits from at least 87 authors, though the
first 50 releases were made without version control. In 2004 I started using
svk and later migrated to git.

My thanks to everyone who has been involved with Devel::Cover in any way. I
still consider it one of the best coverage tools available in any language.


Thank you Paul! I heartily agree: one of the best coverage tools available in any language!

Thanks, Paul! I've often been amazed at shortcomings in the coverage tools of other languages. Devel::Cover is awesome and I use it constantly :)

Thanks Paul! Devel::Cover is definitely one of the tools I miss the most when I have to work with other languages. I can only marvel at the level of commitment you've shown in supporting and improving the module over the years.

Happy birthday, and thanks for all the effort! Devel::Cover is great!

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