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  • About: Long-time perl and Movable Type developer. Principal of Endevver ( Former MT Product Manager at Six Apart. Co-founder and Board Member of the Open Melody Software Group (
  • Posted We are all Perl's ambassadors... to Jay Allen

    I wonder how many newbies in the whole history of Perl had their "llama" arrive from Amazon and shortly thereafter—in a fever pitch of excitement—managed to create a distribution they thought was the best thing since sliced bread and

  • Commented on Managing Boilerplate with Import::Base
    Bug filed:
  • Commented on Managing Boilerplate with Import::Base
    @preaction I'm seeing the same thing. If I do a syntax check on a module that uses my custom base module, the warnings are generated. The same is not true if I check syntax on the base module itself. I'm...
  • Commented on Debuging method for perl Complex data structures
    Data::Dumper is like a trusty dog. Always there, a reliable friend, licks his backside more often than I'd like after I ask him to print out a particularly complex data structure or object… For most things, I'm now using Data::Printer......
  • Commented on Padre 1.00 has been released
    Congratulations on the release! I've been keeping tabs on your development ever since my aborted attempt to get it running a while back. I'm excited to give it another try!...
  • Posted Is it possible to run Movable Type under Apache HTTP Server? to Jay Allen

    That was the question posted to Quora which seemed strange to me given that Apache is the web server most used by MT end users, developers and even (to my knowledge)…

  • Commented on - a new Perl website
    What Alex said. Not having an RSS feed means people need to remember to visit your site. Ain't gonna happen, unfortunately....
  • Posted Filtering CPAN results by release date to Jay Allen

    When is the last time you used a CPAN distribution whose last release date was more than five years ago? I don't mean just in hacking around or for research purposes. I'm talking about something that mattered, that lived somewhere other than your development machine and could…

  • Commented on Different View on Documentation
    This is fantastic work that I'm really happy to come across right now. I too share your frustrations with documentation on both CPAN and Metacpan (not to mention perldoc) and perlybook shocked me with how incredibly useful it is. Thanks...
  • Commented on Which CPAN Author Fields Should be Searchable?
    Wow, that's super comprehensive, Brian. You guys had everything I thought of covered and a hell of a lot more. Still, determined to find *something* all I can come up with is Ohloh username (e.g. mine is jayallen)...
  • Posted What programming languages should a beginner learn? to Jay Allen

    On Quora: From the following programming languages, in which order should a beginner learn them?:

    HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, PHP,, C++, Flash, Javas…

  • Commented on Hello (Perl) World!
    Robert, there are plenty of ways for a Perl neophyte to get involved with Melody but the BEST way is to just start using it and blogging about what you think of it. Join the community mailing list and enter...
  • Commented on Hello (Perl) World!
    Heh, well it looks like I'm well on my way then John. Ohloh says my current project (and the one I've been involved with now for almost ten years) has over 200,000 lines of Perl code (and a hundred good...
  • Commented on Hello (Perl) World!
    Thanks all and Robert, that's actually one side of our biggest goals. MT really matured before most of the fantastic CPAN modules and web frameworks were invented and there's a lot of code in there some of which is extremely...
  • Posted Hello (Perl) World! to Jay Allen

    What an odd thing to write... I've been developing software in one way or another for about 30 years and Perl has been my primary language since around 1993. And yet I don't have a single CPAN module to my name and haven't really been involved in the community at all other than thanking the…

  • Commented on iCPAN v1.0.2 is Now in Apple's App Store
    Fantastic! This is something I've been really needing more and more recently. I just installed it and look forward to using it a LOT. Thanks Olaf!...
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  • john napiorkowski commented on Hello (Perl) World!

    The best this is find a project you are interested in, ideally one that has an existing community, find the source (a lot of Perl projects are managed on Github now) and find something useful to do, such as work on documentation, add test cases etc.

    Most Perl projects are organized on IRC now, so joining an active community like around Catalyst, DBIx::Class, Moose will get you more people that can help you get started.

    The way I got started is that I wanted a feature added to DBIx::Class and when I talked about it on the mailing list, it became clear that if I was willing to …

  • Jacklee commented on Hello (Perl) World!


  • Olaf Alders commented on Which CPAN Author Fields Should be Searchable?

    Actually, I was thinking of:

    coding_perl_since = YYYY

    Once the index has more information, I'd like to see it used for a job site where you could search on Perl devs based on favourite modules, current country etc. Knowing how many years experience someone has would be helpful info as well.

  • naia.luis commented on Padre 1.00 has been released

    Hey this is interesting! I have been using another IDE to develop daily, I'll give Padre a new try see how it goes for a month! Great work releasing 1.0

  • commented on Padre 1.00 has been released

    install Padre:

    Invalid version format (non-numeric data) at C:/strawberry/perl/site/lib/Padre/ line 126.
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:/strawberry/perl/site/lib/Padre/ line 126.
    Compilation failed in require at C:/strawberry/perl/site/lib/Padre/Wx/ line 4115.
    Perl exited with active threads:
    1 running and unjoined
    0 finished and unjoined
    0 running and detached

    This is on WinXP-sp3 with Strawberry perl 5.18
    Can you help me?

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