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  • About: I try to write all code in Perl, but find I end up writing in bash, CSS, HTML, JS, and SQL, and doing database design, just to get anything done...
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  • Saif commented on Four backends now for GUIDeFATE...but the struggle continues

    Hi Ron,

    You are right about the issue that the graphical front-end has been done before (different toolkits, with different paradigms, most with little documentation, least for Perl, quite old). And of-course a web front end is also a comprehensive, platform independent, modern interface. You are also correct the world does not need another standard. This is merely a tool that allows that interface to be created in a simple WYSIWYG way, in Perl, abstracting away the complexities of the back-end.

    Your comments have inspired me to look at Mojolicious, however, and …

  • Saif commented on Four backends now for GUIDeFATE...but the struggle continues

    Hi Ron,

    This is excellent...

    I accept your comments about exponential increase of effort with complex scenarios. It is I guess important to try these out in "real-life" applications. A tool is only useful if it makes life easier, the effort spent on *creating* the tool should therefore reduce the effort of using it. I will use your data set for an experiment with my tool.


  • aseric commented on The Hot New Language Named Rakudo

    There is no doubt the "Wall" in front of Perl 5 should be removed so it can proceed.

    My two points:

    1) For Perl
    Remember Java 1.5 was marketed as Java 5 and it was easier to proceed from there on.
    Similary Perl 6 can be skipped for Perl.

    Perl has been in Perl 5 for very long time. The next major version should be released as Perl 7 which will give a fresh beginning and surely every perl programmer will leap in joy. (Perl 6 can be skipped similar to Java which skipped 3 and 4)

    Language Name: …

  • Ben Bullock commented on Be generous, but not very

    Hi Ron,

    I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen you for a while here.

    Those Levenshtein things are OK for approximate work, but they tend to give lots of false positives. I actually did extensive work on spelling correction for another related web page which converts English words into Japanese forms, but I found that the Levenshtein corrections, even with a maximum distance of one, tend to throw up so many false positives that I'm not sure it's worth the bother. This is partly because of the amount of nonsense that people type in, and partly because it tends to …

  • Ether commented on Starting to use File::ShareDir

    The right thing to do here is use Test::File::ShareDir from your tests, which does the right thing with your @INC so the local share directory can be found:

    use Test::File::ShareDir -share => { -dist => { 'My-Dist-Name' => 'share' } };

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