YAPC::Europe 2011 Day 2

A short sleep later and it's time for the second day of talks at YAPC::Europe 2011 in Riga, Latvia.

(Re)Developing in Perl 6, where Damian Conway showed us how to convert some of his Perl 5 modules into Perl 6 code. He was amusing as always and it was very impressive how some of his modules, such as Smart::Comments will involve much less code in Perl 6 (when the implementations are finished). "CPAN is an enormous Borg cube".

There was a little break for tasty pastries and coffee and I'd also like to mention that handily there are power sockets everywhere in the rooms.

Bending semantics with 5.14, where Zefram explained (while wearing a tricorn) how to add different semantics to Perl by editing the optree, and even adding new opcodes. See cv_set_call_checker).

The State of the Acmeism, where Ingy döt Net, the father of Acmeism tried to get us to join his fold: "People who create technology that is not limited to a particular language are known as Acmeists".

DBIx::Class guts 1.1 (or how SQL sausage is made), where Peter Rabbitson tried to explain the loosely coupled abstractions of DBIx::Class, including the history behind it and how some initially-confusing designs make everything flexible and the plans to extract bits of it into separate CPAN distributions.

The Perl Foundation: Year in Review, where Karen Pauley listed all the wonderful things that the Perl Foundation has been doing this year, all the grants programs, marketing ideas, and funding David Mitchell since March 2010 (798 hours so far) to fix hard bugs in the Perl 5 core, and the surprise success of funding the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund to continue with this work. A lot of work on an ongoing trademark court case on Perl in Japan. And Google Summer of Code projects.

Medieval Perl: charting the history of medieval texts with a modern language, where Tara Andrews explained her research into computational text criticism using Moose, GraphViz and Catalyst.

Adventures in Marketing, where Mark Keating, in a display of nominative determinism, explained the many things he has been covering as chair of the Perl Foundation Marketing Committee.

And then the ever-wonderful lightning talks, which amazed and amused us as always.

Heading off to the attendees dinner now.

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