Winobot, the IRC Bot You Can Party With

There's a new Perl IRC bot on the block. Built on AnyEvent. And he likes to party.

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I was excited with the AnyEvent mention, because I thought it would be efficient, fast and mostly portable. Then I looked at the requirements and my hopes were dashed- Perl 5.14 and MongoDB, not to mention Moose.

...which is perfectly reasonable, until you want other people to use/improve your code.

Not trying to start anything but, the arg about deps is getting old. With perlbrew, the version is no longer a valid argument and as for deps, what I here is that you want everything to be stuck on 5.8.8 FOREVA! And the limitations for programming in that env. Without Moose, Mojolicious and a handful of other frameworks and modules that require something more, well I would probably be just as good off writing stuff with node.js. Oh, wait, then I will have to figure out how to get around the system python problem for installation on those same systems. Hurray for post modern Perl and hurray for those using it; cause I am tired of cleaning up new projects (less than 2 years old) that look like they were written in Perl 4.

I could see complaints about MongoDB as valid. Maybe. Complaints about Moose and Perl 5.14 in a fun project? That's just plain silly.

As for the bot, i like it. Abusing markov chains to do interesting stuff is always a good use for time. :)

Or you could use something like SQLite with AnyEvent::DBI / AnyEvent::DBI::Abstract instead of MongoDb.

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