DBD::SQLite 1.35 released

DBD::SQLite 1.35 has been released to the CPAN. If your mirror has not updated yet, you can install it via pip or cpanm from the following URL.


Normally the release schedule of DBD::SQLite is tied to that of SQLite update recommendations, as this module is used in an enormous number of places and having relatively large gaps between releases is considered an advantage for downstream distributions and corporate users in particular that have very large testing burdens for each release.

This is the first DBD::SQLite in a long time that was not done as the result of an update recommendation from the SQLite maintainers.

In addition to a number of Perl level bug fixes, this release gains the SQLite 3.7.8 and 3.7.9 updates, the former of which contains a new merge sort for indexing resulting in an order of magnitude performance improvement to indexing and performance improvements to any queries that do index lookups.

It also greatly improves the speed of any sort operations larger than the page cache, and bumps the speed of a few other bits and pieces as well.

Since DBD::SQLite is looking extremely stable at this point, with stable releases about once every 6 months, we might take the opportunity for the next release to tweak the compile options a little more.

Of main interest to me initially would be enabling Full Text Search version 4, turning on histogram-enhanced ANALYSE version 3, and compiling out TCL variable support and deprecated C level interfaces we don't use.

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