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I've uploaded a major release of Constant::Export::Lazy

I created Constant::Export::Lazy a while ago to consolidate the main constant exporting module at work into something even better. I've just uploaded a major release which allows for adding all the features that I can reasonably think of being useful for a lazy constant exporting module.

It can now support something like's %EXPORT_TAGS, along with numerous other improvements. I also toiled a bit at it with Devel::Cover and it has 100% test coverage now. In the progress of achieving that I found a few minor bugs that I fixed.

In implementing this module I tried to avoid adding narrow specific features (like %ENV overrides, or support for %EXPORT_TAGS), and instead added more general callbacks that make those features and others I haven't even thought of yet possible.

For why I needed to write the umpteenth constant creation module on the CPAN instead of using something that already exists see the rationale in the documentation.

This module's already been stable for a while and I see no reason why I'd introduce any breaking changes to it. If you'd like an easy-to-use constant defining module that you can use in multiple mutually incompatible environments give it a shot.

Check out Devel::NYTProf 4.00

Tim Bunce's Devel::NYTProf has a bunch of improvements in version 4.00, which was released yesterday.

The compatibility problem with Devel::Declare code like Module::Signatures::Simple that I previously blogged about has been fixed. It can now profile inside string evals, and more.

Update: Tim Bunce now has a posting about NYTProf 4.00 on his blog.

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