Last day for YAPC::EU::2010 talk proposals

Today is the last day for proposals for YAPC::EU::2010. I have already the travel tickets, I have already a room in the Hotel. Now, I need to make something to lower my costs in Pisa, for example, to have an accepted talk, and get free entry.

To maximize my chances I proposed two talks, in very different perspectives of Perl:

  • Textual Document Rewriting or, when substitutions are not enough

    In this talk I will present Text::RewriteRules, a Perl (d'uh) module to rewrite textual documents. It supports different kinds of algorithms (fixed point, sliding cursor, etc) that are useful for different kind of document rewrite.

    I will also focus on the relevance of document rewrite, presenting some real world examples, like the conversion of a weak-annotated textual dictionary to a full featured TEI XML document.

  • Module::Build - Twisting default build behavior

    This talk will deal with my own experience using Module::Build for not-so-straightforward module distribution, namely Lingua::Jspell and Text::BibTeX, that bundle a standard C library that need to be configured, compiled and linked, and Lingua::TreeTagger::Installer, a module that is simple a wrapper to install binaries that are distributed in a set of strange packages around the internet.

    Therefore, the talk will focus one Module::Build basics (what it does for us automatically) and how we can create new target-types, make C code to compile, and other twisted tasks.

Now I just need to be lucky and get a chosen talk!


Do you recommend purchasing the tickets early on? I haven't purchased mine yet and I'm beginning to fear it. :)

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