YAPC::EU::2010 - First Afternoon

Following the idea of previous post, I would like to write here some thoughts about the talks I went to this afternoon, at YAPC::EU::2010.

  • My afternoon started with a talk by Paul Johnson on software quality. It resembled me an article I've written about the Perl community initiatives to help code validation. By the way, I expect to make that article public very soon. Paul is a great speaker, and touched some interesting items that programmers should take in mind when writing code (not necessarily Perl).

  • Followed a talk by Carl Masak on Perl 6. It was much of what I was expected in the rakudo talk in the morning. Carl shown some of Perl 6 innovations. Nothing too fancy, nothing too shining, but small details that make the Perl programmer life easier.

  • After the break, the crazy guy, also known as MST, talked a lot about DBIx::Class and complained about the problems of writing a DB level supporting most of the database engines available. Although Matt is a great speaker, I missed some slides to keep my mind organized... if that is possible

  • The lightning talks finished the day. Some interesting interventions, some not so good ones. Would like to mention a few: José Castro and the methods available to restore chmod command when it is not executable (chmod -x chmod); Dave Cross on Perl Vogue magazine (what are the current fashion Perl modules?) and Maddingue in the revenge of the traceback.

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