YAPC::EU::2010 - Second Afternoon

The second afternoon of YAPC::EU::2010 in Pisa was dedicated to the following talks:

  • The Perl6 in the real world talk, by Moritz Lenz had, at much, two or three slides or Perl. These 20 minutes reminded me of physics classes. Not much detail was given to the module internals.The presentation ended up with a good question from the audience: why Perl 6? with the answer, "because I like it", and because of the Perl 6 introspection mechanisms needed to calculate the dependencies. After talking in IRC with Moritz he shown me the abstract of his talk, which made me rewrite this entry. If I wasn't lazy and I've read the talk abstract, I might chose another track, or at least, do not complain so much.

  • Lech Baczynski shown some common error on Perl programming, like precedence problems. While not an excellent presentation, as most of the errors where too basic, it helped Perl programmers to remind some of the details on Perl parsing, operators and functions.

  • While present at 'Searching Perl Workloads‎' talk, I was distracted with some code in my laptop. Therefore, no comments. Sorry.

  • Finally, on the Lightning Talks, second session, I would like to stress Andrew Shitov talk on There Is More Than Way To Empty It (an array) that was very cool.

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