YAPC::EU::2010 - Second Morning

My second morning at YAPC::EU::2010 wasn't very productive. I went to one presentation, and got sick during the coffee break (something wrong with the breakfast, I would say). I went to the bedroom to rest, and got back during the afternoon.

The only talk I've watched was Graphic visualization - there is a life after GD and GD::Graph‎. Uwe was kind of nervous as it was his first English talk. That was easy to notice, as he even did not remember correctly the slide order. That's the speakers life.

Regarding content, he talked mostly on four technologies: GD and GD::Graph, Chart::Clicker, GraphViz and SVG. While he shown some examples of what can be done with each one of these modules I missed some kind of conclusion. A table associating objectives with the tools available for that task would be enough (as the presented modules are not equivalent).

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