PRC 2016 - Third Trimester

Here I am again making a summary of my work during the third trimester of my second year on the CPAN Pull Request Challenge:

  • For July I got Algorithm-GooglePolylineEncoding. This module did not include a META.json file, so my PR was it generation. It was great to have interaction with the module author, resulting in an approach he liked.

  • For August, I got Module::Install. This was a problem because, as people say in the #toolchain IRC channel, nobody is maintaining the module. Also, this assignment was a little strange, given I could merge directly whatever I wanted, given I am member of the Toolchain Gang. Nevertheless, I prepared a PR to support utf8 in Metadata. It was re engineered some times, according with some comments. At the end, nobody is sure if we want to merge it or not. Nevertheless, I created other PR to remove some old, unused code, that was merged. I also took the chance to merge other PRs that were hanging on GitHub.

  • Finally, for September, I got Catalyst::Controller::Validation::DFV. I did not look it up in CPAN right after the assignment, as I was busy. Only yesterday I took a peek on it. It got troublesome to build, as it uses dzil modules that require GPG and other stuff I did not have installed in my mac. When I was able to build the module, I got the module dependencies themselves, that include Catalyst. After installing all dependencies, the module did not pass the tests. Looking to the GItHub repo I noticed it is stalled since 2012. Given all this, and my lack of time for this month challenge, I asked Neil to skip this month (first time in 20 months!).

Although with little time, looking forward to the next month assignment.

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