I am planning on a new project, and a friend suggested me to look to Arango, as an alternative do Mongo, specially because it includes a graphs query language integrated. As I am not really used to Mongo at all, decided to give it a try.

Unfortunately I did not find a proper module to use Arango from Perl. Therefore I decided to start one from scratch. Probably not a great idea as my free time is likely non-existent. But nevertheless, I did it.

I am trying to abstract major entities (database, collection, document, cursor) in order to use them directly as proper objects in Perl, and at the same time, try to keep a low code profile, delegating most options directly to Arango REST interface. In order not to be too relaxed, I am using JSON::Schema::Fit to validate the parameters sent to Arango API.

The main problem is that there are too many options and endpoints to use, and too few time to do it. Anyway, there is a working version, that already allows the storage of documents, and querying them using AQL. Unfortunately all the user-related functionaities are not yet implemented.

While I would love to keep maintaining and defining the direction of the module, I am very grateful to any patches, bug fixes of added functionalities, keeping the same simple approach in mind.

Regarding using a module for objects, I might decide to use Moo, but for now, I am still happy using Perl blessed hashes directly.

Hope to post more news very soon.

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