The CPAN Testers game

I'm not sure of how many of you know the ecosystem of Perl QA, so I decided to move an old article of mine to and update it to reflect all the changes that happened between those years.

Here is the link to the old-new article.

I also made several changes to the project cpan-openbsd-smoker and would like to share with the community the details about it, specially with the people that not only publishes modules to CPAN,…

Translating Jenkins with Perl

This is my first post here and I hope it is more positive than a rant to the readers eyes...

It was 2017 when I had installed Jenkins locally in my notebook for a series of experiments. The notebook was running Ubuntu configured in Brazilian Portuguese and Jenkins automatically presented me with a translation to my native language. After 15 minutes trying, I changed Ubuntu settings to English and never went back.

It took me a while to jump into the project repository and start translating the missing parts, about four years... and the translation hasn't improved since.


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