QA Hackathion in Rugby, Warwickshire, 2016

This year I discussed less and got more focussed on one thing, namely PAUSE, thanks to the kisses of the muse we got flooded with, that is Kenichi, Neil, Matt, Peter and me. Thanks to that, PAUSE is, I daresay, in a better shape than ever before and definitely on a good track towards the future.

Here's a short run down on my activities at the QAH in Rugby:

Fixed a bug discovered by Leo Lapworth in rrr synchronization: it turned out that a crontab item got mangled recently.

Joined the Test2 discussion.

Set up a smoker run for 5.18.4 with the Test-Simple releases 1.302014_001..7.

Finished the pre-Hackathon activities on getting the Perl Authors Upload Server (PAUSE) to work with two separate puppet instances, one for the system operation team, and one the application (together with Robert Spier).

Added sysv startup gears for the new plack-driven PAUSE server and fine-tuning configuration (together with Slaven Rezić and Kenichi Ishigaki).

Continued the year-long activities on transforming the database of PAUSE to work without the mods table and cleaning up inconsistencies (together with Neil Bowers).

Helped out with my admin privileges on PAUSE to fix an upload glitch during Dist-Zilla-6 developer release.

Reviewed pull requests on that had accumulated over the year and applied: 210, 206, 214, 216, 209, 215, 219, 207, 220, 190, 168, 172, 133, 137, 208, 212, 211, 217, and 221 (together with Kenichi Ishigaki); special thanks go to the contributors pjlsergeant, wolfsage, mohawk2, rjbs, dagolden, neilb, charsbar who generated the pull requests.

Consultation with Breno G. de Oliveira about cpanminus reporter.

Consultation with Colin Newell, Ricardo Signes, and Karen Etheridge about how to retain sane upload-permissions for collaborating groups of users.

Consultation with Joel Berger on a potential Mojolicious cookbook article about when and when not to use weaken.

Thank you to the sponsors, FastMail, ActiveState, ZipRecruiter, Strato, SureVoIP, CV-Library, OpusVL, thinkproject!, MongoDB, Infinity, Dreamhost, Campus Explorer, Perl 6, Perl Careers, Evozon, Booking, Eligo, Oetiker+Partner, CAPSiDE, Perl Services, Procura,, Robbie Bow, Ron Savage, Charlie Gonzalez, Justin Cook, many of us would not have been able to come and stay for four days without their help. Thanks to Neil and Barbie and JJ for setting all this up and managing everything so nicely and smoothly. Thanks to Wendy for keeping us sugared and vitamined and fed and hugged and hugged and hugged.

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