A bash completion helper for perldoc

A month ago, Yanick Champoux wrote a note about helpers for browsing the POD in your your local perl install.

His first script is for firing up a browser pointed at a local POD web server, including starting one up if it’s not already running – not that useful to me, since I haven’t found myself actually using these servers very much, because of the console↔browser flipping that they entail. Plain old perldoc on a console just feels faster to juggle.

However, he also includes another script: a completion helper for bash. This allows you to type something like perldoc Cata<tab> and have bash turn it into perldoc Catalyst for you. I used this script for mere hours before I realised it’s exactly the one thing I have always missed in Perl: a way to quickly and efficiently browse my local module library – the thing that all the POD web servers promised to give me, but couldn’t deliver in a convenient enough fashion for me to use routinely.

But as presented, his script has one limitation that annoyed me more than perhaps I should have let it: you have to use your system directory separator (ie. slash on Unixoid systems) en lieu of Perl’s :: package separator. Ie.: you cannot type perldoc Catalyst::Re<tab>, it has to be perldoc Catalyst/Re<tab>.

I thought that should be easy to fix. (Famous last words, I know.) It turned out to be harder than expected due the fact that completion in bash is hard-wired to understand trailing slashes as “the user might want to do more completion right after this” – we want :: treated that way instead but there is no way to tell bash. I also ended up rewriting the script to be more (theoretically) portable, to not require non-core dependencies, and to work on much older perls than just 5.10.0, as Yanick’s code requires. Fastidious as I always am, I also spent quite a bit of effort rewriting the code to make it more beautiful and easy to skim and understand.

So without further ado: share and enjoy.


"I used this script for mere hours before I realised it’s exactly the one thing I have always missed in Perl [..]"

I think I will have that quote framed and installed over my office's desk. That really made my day. :-)

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