Making local::lib real easy to use

In bash, at least.

Just paste this (on your command line or into .bashrc or wherever else you want):

perl-lib() { eval "`perl -M'local::lib @ARGV' - "$@" 0<&-`" ; }

Then you can just say things like this:

$ perl-lib ~/locallib/foo
$ perl-lib --deactivate ~/locallib/bar
$ perl-lib --deactivate-all

… instead of having to type stuff like this:

$ eval "`perl -Mlocal::lib - --deactivate ~/locallib/bar`"

… or even, as you would have had to in old versions of local::lib, this awfulness:

$ eval "`perl -Mlocal::lib=--deactivate,$HOME/locallib/bar`"

Note that the shell function will work irrespective of local::lib version.

Update: I originally posted this with a 1<&- redirect in the function, which closes STDOUT. What I actually wanted to do was close STDIN, of course.

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