Perl's Death by 1,000 Cuts

Just trying to log into to comment on David Mertens' PDL features I'd like to see in Perl 6 was a huge pain in the ass... in fact just getting the login to work for this was also but I won't go there.

Imagine how many would-be contributors have been turned off by what is described below.

  1. Open a post and click "Sign In" to comment, you get a login page WITHOUT the "wordpress" option... more on that later.
  2. The actual options on this page are
    1. Movable Type - Broken unless you reset password and then you still can't post
    2. Open ID - what? go to their page and they tell you to use wordpress or Google... all non simple... can I just get a Login Please?
    3. LiveJournal - get a can't call name on object reference blah blah blah error
    4. Vox - wast that a blog site at one time, where do you get a login?
    5. Google... error... not supported
    6. Now if you click "Sign In" from the main page, you do see a WordPress login and you can login. So if you commented to this post, congratulations on having a wordpress login where you logged in from the main page.

Don't believe me look at the bug reports:

How long has as been bleeding the community?

Perl is obviously having trouble getting fresh blood... this is how our community dies drop by drop.


Guess it's fixed? At least sign-in worked fine for me.

Could I ask, are you volunteering to help out, or are you just moaning? - either are fine, but your post isn't clear on if you have a solution

I understand it's very frustrating. My suggestion is to open your own blog. Preferably on your own domain. Even a static blog with Disqus as a commenting system would work. Once you have that and posted an article send a link to editors at We'll help you get the word out.

Ok. Why don't you do that. Let me know when you want a dump of the current data so that you can migrate it all into Wordpress.

test test test...

One more test.


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