blead Breaks CPAN a.k.a. BBC

Next week I will take part of the toolchain summit 2018 in Oslo, Norway.
This would be my second participation after last year event in Lyon, France, where I mainly focus on prototype.

One recurring discussion during the last Perl events brought by kid51 is to improve detection of BBC - blead breaks CPAN. (note: blead is the branch tracking current perl development)

You can read more from kid51 on these topics here:
- What do we want and need for teting
- Do We Need a Tertiary Test Suite?

I think that we already have a lot of tools, matrix, smokers... in place. I've no intentions at this point to provide an extra smoking service. But I mainly struggle to get the vision I would like for these data.... It's a challenge to represent multidimensional data on a single webpage.

By gathering the data from I think we could provide an easy way to see the state of the "CPAN River" across perl version

Here is a simple draft that could considerably evolve with ideas coming from you, the community over the next days.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 9.01.59 AM.png

This project is not live at this point, but this is the first step. Feedbacks and Ideas are appreciated.

Note: "CPAN River" is a term which refers to the CPAN landscape and the idea that some modules are more used/common than others. Once you sort them by most used this gives a visual representation which looks like a "river".

More than one method exists to compute it, but you can have a look at, read this discussion here

A special thanks to all sponsors making this event possible:

NUUG Foundation,, cPanel, FastMail, MaxMind, MongoDB, SureVoIP, Campus Explorer, Bytemark, Infinity Interactive, OpusVL, Eligo, Perl Services, Oetiker+Partner.

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