By the Numbers - YAPC::NA::2016 - Wednesday Night Pull Request Challenge

As YAPC ... TPC::NA draws to a close, there was one final hurrah. About 25 (+/- a few) brave souls partook in the Wednesday Night Pull Request Challenge.

There were:

  • 28 pull requests issued

  • 4 modules release

  • many more "person hours" spent coding, rewriting, and debugging

  • 50 peoples worth of food eaten

  • 1 budding cross-continental collaboration (App::DBCritic)

  • a metric ton of community enjoyments had all around

Thank you to craigslist for sponsoring the event. And thank you to both the hard working YAPC organizers and PRC participants for coming together for something that I hope will become continued in the future.

I would be remiss if I did not greatly encourage anyone (no matter your skill level) to get involved in the monthly CPAN PRC Challenge run by Neil Bowers. It is his effort that gave me my first real opportunity to contribute to the Perl community through pull requests; but moreover it inspired me to take a role in introducing the fun to attendees of YAPC::NA::2016.

Please keep this going by participating in the next iteration of this glorious event at The Perl Conference 2017 and by trying your hand at the monthly CPAN PRC Challenge. It really is an amazing gateway to involvement in the Perl Community.

Finally, I issue a challenge to anyone attending YAPC::EU - let's see keep this PRC thing going!

TacocaT out!

ps: please check out the monthly CPAN PRC Challenge. Like the jelly of the month club, it's the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

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Awesome! Hopefully YAPC::EU will have one of these as well. Thanks for organising this Brett.

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