Unicode::Properties slated for removal

I'm planning to remove the module Unicode::Properties from CPAN. The reason to remove the module is that it is outdated (the code is from 2008), the module uses a faulty methodology to get the properties, and it is unreasonable to maintain in its current form. Currently the module has no stars on metacpan, has no reviews or reverse dependencies, and the only user feedback I have received, from Tom Christiansen was to tell me that the module wasn't good enough for his purposes (see module doc), so I assume it is unused.

If you are a user of this module, please let me know. If you want to adopt the module (strongly not recommended) let me know.


While removal is probably fine in this case (and I see that you've already done so), another option is simply to deprecate it and then put the namespace up for adoption. This has the benefit of allowing it to be located on metacpan in the unlikely case someone ever comes across code using the module and wants to know where it came from, as well as maybe documenting what's wrong with it and alternatives. See neilb's blog posts for more information about deprecating distributions and putting them up for adoption.

The features offered by this module are now all offered by Unicode::UCD which ships with the perl 5 core.

Unicode::UCD::charprops_all() returns all the Unicode properties for its code point argument

prop_invlist() can be used to get a list of code points matching a binary property.

And UnicodeVersion() returns the version of the Unicode release being used.

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