RPerl at YAPC Europe - Day 1

This is a first. First Perl Conference for me, and first time the RPerl compiler is represented at YAPC, also known as The Perl Conference. We had a table, fliers, chocolates, and a computer! Go team RPerl!!!

You may ask : what the heck is RPerl? Very good question, but please watch your tongue. It’s the Perl compiler, for Perl 5 software (and Perl 6 soon), and it’s the work of Will Braswell, long-time member of the Perl community. Its goal is to make your code run faster. Way faster. And it does.

Although not a programmer myself, I discovered the event and the community, and – spoiler alert - I had a great time. The Perl community is very friendly and welcoming, and Mark Keating did a great job organizing this year’s conference. The people, the venue, the talks, the food… it’s hard to think of something that wasn’t a good surprise.
I have great admiration for Wendy, who was particularly helpful. She helped us getting fully integrated to the event, from day 1, when she pushed me on the stage for a 30 second commercial during lightning talks.
When I say us, that’s because RPerl was represented by me, Bennie, non-programming “Friend of Perl”, and Mahrez, a programmer that started using Perl recently, and really likes it so far!

That first day ended with the dinner, at Oran Mor, a church turned into a restaurant. Quite spectacular.



I indeed somewhat forced you on stage, and you did admirably. Thank you for attending The Perl Conference, representing RPerl, speaking, doing marketing, and being a fun neighbour to my booth.

Hi Bennie,

I am very happy that you found the Perl community to be friendly. And I fully share your appreciation on Wendy, an incredibly lovely person, indeed. And I am also happy that she pushed you on stage during the lightning talks, I think that RPerl deserves more visibility.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon at the next Paris Perl Monger social event. And I'm also looking forward to meeting Will Braswell when he comes to Paris next month.

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user-pic I'm a friend of Perl, and member of the Team RPerl, promoting the Perl compiler created by Will ''the Chill'' Braswell.