RPerl at YAPC Europe - Day 2

On the second day of my newbie adventures in Glasgow, I had the pleasure to talk to Larry Wall, who stopped by our table and told me about the time he was a booth babe himself. That conference is really full of surprises.

We used this day to deliver new fliers, give more information about RPerl, and especially the different possibilities for programmers to try it, through Cloudforfree.org, rperl.org and our new packages.rperl.org installation files. Mahrez is working from day one with Will Braswell to get us a demo on a VM, and they’re making good progress.

Thank you Chris Jack for the photo below, I'm officially part of the TPC photo album! This is when Wendy convinced me to give a thirty-second commercial during the Lightning Talks. I presented our booth, the compiler, and told everyone to come have a look. I look like I know what I'm talking about, right? Well... my heart was racing, I was mostly scared of saying something stupid.. Very intense 30 seconds, glad I did it!


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Well, as it turned out, you did know what you were talking about! And you are a wonderful public speaker, and you know it... :-)

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