RPerl at the Austin Perl Mongers Christmas Party

The last event of 2018 for Team RPerl was the Austin.pm Christmas Party. Our beloved President (AKA "Prez"), Will the Chill, gathered all of us for pizza and Perl projects.

Throughout the evening, we discussed the possibilities for us to develop the use of Perl, promote Perl jobs and Perl projects in the Austin area.

Our main ideas include:
- Hosting Hackathons for Perl projects
- Inviting a guest speaker once a year
- Teaching free Perl classes

Among our members present that evening was Jim Choate, one of the three original Austin.pm founders, along with some of the younger generation of Perl enthusiasts. The party was about the past and future of Austin Perl Mongers, in every way.

And it wouldn't be a Christmas party without a few presents, Perl presents of course! (Thanks to Wendy & Liz for furnishing some of the Perl gifts at past YAPC/TPC conferences.)


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