RPerl and the Google Summer of Code

The next Google Summer of Code has been launched, and The Perl Foundation is part of it! Several Perl 5 and Perl 6 projects are available for computer software students to join. Among those, RPerl is present, under the title "Perl 5 RPerl: Built-In Operators". Will the Chill will be the lead mentor for this project. All the details are available here:

Also, here is The Perl Foundation page on GSoC:

The Google Summer of Code is a great opportunity to create more code that will be available to the open-source community. Students have until April 9th to apply.

Good luck to all the Perl projects involved!


PS - We've just launched the official Team RPerl page on Patreon!
Special thanks to our first 5 Patrons: Packy Anderson, Tommy Butler, Harry Braswell, Debbie Sonnycalf, and John Stuke

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