Perl Developer Survey 2017

We’re doing a survey for the entire Perl community to find out some specifics and peculiarities about Perl and more importantly, about Perl developers. The survey itself is meant to gather some perspective regarding how developers are using Perl, where are they using it and how Perl is used with other technologies. This is basically a State of Perl in 2017 survey.

The survey will be open from the 7th of March to the 14h of April.

Please share it within your local Perl communities, every answer counts and makes this survey more relevant. The results will be available for the entire community to see, we will publish them the following week after the end of the survey. The data acquired through this project will show just how Perl is used and how the developer community is presenting itself at this point in time. It has 31 questions and it covers personal programming preferences, employment facts, geographical criteria, community events, tech stack data and more.

This is a great opportunity to capture the state of Perl as a language and as a community.

Join us to paint the picture of Perl in 2017!

Fill in the survey here!

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Emacs isn't a listed choice for editors?

Whoops, that came across as snarky; not my intention.

I think it might be a good idea to explain why you ask (optionally) for an email address on the first screen.

Also, I found it hard to answer the "which version of Perl" question as I use different versions in different situations and there wasn't enough room to explain that.

And I'm very surprised to hear that you don't think emacs is popular enough to include in the default list of editors!

A long long time ago we ran a
poll on Editors/IDE used for Perl development. Emacs was the 2nd most popular with 13%.

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