Meeting, Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

The Quarterly Meeting is tonight, 7 PM PDT.

Because of the pesky disease that's been spreading, we'll be gathering online. The agenda for tonight is: Normal conversation and seeing how everyone is doing; if there are any questions that need to be answered, we'll do that; followed by jumping into our presentations. We have at least three, though if anybody would like to step up and add another to the mix, please let me know.

Meeting ID: 896 3919 9931 Link to the meeting:

The meeting password is the number you get when evaluating the following Perl:

@n = 6 .. 9; $_ = $_ x 2 for @n[0,-1]; say @n[0,1,3,2];

This Perl should also work:

srand(14); @n = 6 .. 9; $_ = $_ x 2 for @n[0,-1]; say sort {rand()<=>rand()} @n;

And this should also work:

srand(2); @n = 6 .. 9; $_ = $_ x 2 for @n[0,-1]; say reverse sort {rand()<=>rand()} @n;

Other variations are left as exercises to the reader.

I'll look forward to seeing you all tonight!

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