San Diego Perl Mongers Meeting, Tuesday, October 13th

This is a quick reminder that the quarterly San Diego Perl Mongers meeting will be occurring on Tuesday evening, starting at our normal time of 7 PM PDT.  As has been for the last several meetings, we’re going to meet online, as in-person meetings are discouraged, and online meetings seem to be a bit more popular.

Here’s the Meeting ID: 851 5455 5818

Here’s the Zoom link:

The passcode can be acquired by running the short Perl program:

sub sum {
    $a = shift();
    $a += shift() while @_;
    return $a;
@n = ( 3 ); END{ print @n, "\n"; }
push @n, sum( $n[0], 0+@n );
push @n, sum( $n[0], $n[-1] ) for @n[0,1];
push @n, sum( @n ) / $n[0];

We’ll start the conversation by checking in with everyone, and seeing if there are any questions. Following that, I’m trying to work up a short presentation. Otherwise, it looks to be a mostly social meeting.

We’re looking forward to an enjoyable evening with you all!

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