App::Midgen, Take two

First I would like to say a big Thank You for all the critiques I received, here and in the channels.


Food for thought, if we update our Modules, don't we want our users to use the current version, so should we not by default do the same with others Modules. Thus we always show the current version number, regardless.

Now able to show dual-life modules current version number.

Lets start with the changes and inspiration.

  • Switched to using MetaCPAN-API due to a write issue with CPAN, neilb++

  • Switched to using Perl-PrereqScanner to do most of the grunt work as pointed out by Mithaldu++ daxim++

  • spelling, re-factor option names, inspired by mauke++

    • --format change output format
  • changed default output, no extra processing, only distribution version for modules without a version number mst++

if I missed anybody, sorry

And some new features.

Add command line option to show dual-line module versions as well.

midgen --dual_life

Add ability to read/write options from ~/.midgenrc

Command line options always overwrite options from ~/.midgenrc if you have one.

The output format uses colour to add visualization of module version number types, be that mcpan, dual-life or added distribution.

We now use colour to help differentiate between the different module version number types, we also honour $ENV{ANSICOLORSDISABLED}

for sample output see wiki

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