Celebrate CPAN Day With Your Local Perl Mongers

I just organized a CPAN Day mini-hackathon and social meeting for my local Perl Mongers.

If you like this idea and your local PerlMongers is overdue for a meeting, sieze the Chopsticks of Destiny. You can use this announcement as a starting point.


Several People have been blogging at blogs.perl.org about CPAN Day on
August 14. Standard Tap have offered their dining room for our use.

The Standard Tap has wi-fi but there are also several xfinity and verizon
hotspots there, so bring your laptop. While the meeting won't be the
perfect opportunity for creating awesome new cpan modules it is a great
time for light maintenance and documentation.

Don't have any modules to work on? Don't fret, you can always proofread
someone else's work. You can also look at http://neilb.org/adoption/ for
modules that are be available for adoption (the list is auto generated it
includes many modules that don't need a new maintainer). You can also work
on patches to other peoples modules.

The Standard Tap is at Second and Poplar in Philadelphia.

We have a reservation for 6:00PM on Thursday August 14.

CPAN Day officially ends at 8:00 PM EDT because the CPAN servers are
currently 4 hours ahead of us (UTC). That gives 2 hours of PM meeting to
upload your code. When I first floated this idea I suggested meeting the
day before because of this, but we'll still have two hours in which we can


Though I don't mind two CPAN days? Or perhaps make it a CPAN week.

Brainbuz: great idea! And as Steven pointed out, CPAN Day is actually the Saturday after your hackathon (16th, I got the date wrong in my first post, which I've now corrected). So you can hack away, then release on Saturday.

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