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How do you update your system Perl?

Although I'm an advocate of configuring and installing your own perl while leaving the system perl alone, I'd like to have a list of the various ways particular distros and package managers do it for the system perl.

  1. The package manager program (e.g. yum, apt-get)
  2. The package name(s) to get the standard distribution, including the docs, ExtUtils::MakeMaker, and everything else
  3. Does that package manager allows you to configure, per-package, the installation location.
  4. Discovering module packages (what is the name, version of the module, etc)
  5. Your distro version, if…

Tad McClellan, R.I.P.

Tad McClellan passed away last weekend.

Most Perl people probably Tad from his activity on Usenet, where he was a frequent and helpful presence on comp.lang.perl.*. I worked with him personally when he handled the operations for Stonehenge Consulting, handling the boring business stuff while Randal and I, along with the other Perl trainers, stood in front of rooms of students. Tad was a Perl trainer himself, and some of you may have met…

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