Where Have You Gone Perl.org??

Been well over a week and the perl foundation web site is still down?

Is anyone out there even aware of this??

There must be someone??

The facebook page has been recently updated and the news page has a recent update.

Some of the members even blog on this forum.

Is there no one out there that can fix it as it is rather embarrassing to the community as a whole, as this is suppose to be one of the leading Perl organizations.

Oh well at leas the donation page sort of works? However, do I really want to donate any money to a site that looks totally neglected broken or even worse hacked??

Not much of a post I know but I wanted to post on something a little more useful and I had I bookmarked a page in the perl wiki for it and I have been trying to get at it since before last week so I guess I am just a little frustrated.

Oh well I will take some cheese with my wine please!


Looks like it's back up?

I am not the best person to comment on this matter but as you put my name... I'll see if anybody from the steering committee can comment.

It's nice to see it back online. With a front page entry from 24th September 2013 and the last News from 22nd September 2011...

> Been well over a week and the perl foundation web site is still down?

Did you mail webmaster@perl.org to let them know?

Thank you for pointing out the problem with the site. It does seem that you spotted this problem before we did as I was not aware of it until Sunday.

Unfortunately our webmaster did not notice the problem with the website. We did send him email about the problem but he was busy and did not see the email. I got in touch with him via Skype and he fixed the problem as soon as he was aware of it. Everyone who works for TPF is a volunteer and there are times when things like this go wrong because the volunteers get tied-up with their jobs and their other commitments. To try to stop this happening in the future with the web-site we have increased the number of people who have access to the server.

We are working on replacing the website as it is running on old unsupported software and also on replacing our blog software. The blog is being worked on first, however, as problems with spam are making it difficult to use and it is our primary means of communication.

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