Day Two At the Swiss PErl Workshop

Well another pleasant day here in Olten and we started off with a talk by Laurent Dami about a project he has been working on for the Swiss courts system that allows admins access to CRUD a database that should not really ever be changed. ‎The key tto with was a mod called App::AutoCRUD‎ that allows the admins to see and manipulate data via a simple web interface that allows the specialized grouping and sorting required by the data and allows single and bulk operations. I(f you want to see a simple and elegant design that uses Plack and an ORM that isn't DBIx::Class it is well worth the look.

Next Mike Friedman was up and gave his 'Perl API for the Mortally Terrified‎' a great introduction to working with XS and the Perl internals even I as a XS programmer for some time got a lot out of it. He gave a very good overview of the basic way to use the API and introduced the very nice "Inline::C" which allows you to write 'C' right in your Perl scrips. Now that is one mod I know I will be using soon as a have a large hunk of slow code that would benefit for being rewritten in 'C'.

Next it was my turn and I did my talk on Authentication and Authorization in Mojo and finally had enough time to take few questions and demo some of the examples

Boris Däppen then gave a good talk on using Pinto, I must admit most went well over my head but I now have a fair idea on how Pinto can be used.

I must also say that I have a few mins to poke my head into the other two tracks that where going on Brian gave his hands on workshop on becoming a CPAN authour and from the few mins I was there it would be well worth attending. I wish I ran into this talk 10 years ago when I took over DBD::Oracle would of saved me allot of time and the Perl community a number of headaches. Version 1.24a comest to mind.

Matthias Bloch ran a hands-on workshop on Mojo though I only had a few mins to sit in from what I saw it would of been well worth attending by someone who had to get up and running with Mojo.

I had some work issues to figure out so I did not get a chance to spend much time at the afternoon track but I am sure they where good.

Now just the lightning talks and the farewell and then I am off for another year.

Thanks again to Matthias and Roman for organizing the event and the staff of the Flörli Olten that extended that world famous Swiss hospitality.

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Thanks for the review and the "summit challenge" :-)

It was Tobi Oetiker running the Mojo-Qooxdoo course. Which was a great success with a bunch of people having much fun!

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