SWP Day Two

Well a little less busy today just a few talks and mine own and then a little Perl6 playtime.

Maxim Vuets (‎mvuets‎) gave an interesting talk on that terrible Canadian invention of toki pona. Some-how Max managed to get Perl to work at parsing that language and it gives a whole new meaning to the Practical part of the P in Perl.

Next Dave and I where up with our introduction to Replay which was well received and we had a few good suggestions for some other programmers.

Mike Francis (‎mrf‎) was up again and today with a much expanded talk on Web::Machine and Dave and I got a few ideas on the restful part of Replay

I took a bit of a much needed Nap for most of the rest of the day but I did take a litle time to see how the Perl6ers where doing and they started with over 300+ failing test files and Gog knows how many failed test, insert dumb look from Stefan here,to just about 20 test files and 100 tests.

We ending the days with a few lightning talks, just remember that 6 in German sounds funny to an English speaker, a good dinner and then a clean up and I am off to the Mountains to bag those last few 4ks .

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