Dist::Zilla Its a Wrap II

Well it not a very creative day today in the old Dist-pen

So careering on from my las post here it the next bunch of posts to do with Dist-Zilla.

Dist::Zilla Takes Instructions

Another chore post this time creating the README file.

Dist::Zilla VCS Opps!
In this post I had a go at linking up my distribution to my VCS which in this case was GitHub. Though I am quite sure I did things corrctly I was just way to earl in the developement cycle to actually hook things up.

Dist::Zilla Do Kwallitee Test
This was a first of a series on how Dist::Zilla does its testing. The first time I really figured out the difference between author, release and automated test cases. I also put in my first Test plug-in [Test::Kwalitee]

Dist::Zilla Likes Critic

This post I played with the [Test::Critic] plug-in and also figured out how to run just the 'author' tests.

Dist::Zilla Likes Toys
This is my first post in a series that I look at most of the 'Test' plug-in for Dist::Zilla that start with 'C'

Dist::Zilla In The Sky
In this post I finished off the 'C' and made it all the way to 'E'

Dist::Zilla Sorry Today
Another seve plug-ins looked at now I am all the way to 'M' but wasn't very happy with most of this lot of tests.

Dist::Zilla Hates Bugs
I sort of gout out of review mode in this post as I had found a bug in Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Legal however by the time I figured out the bug and was going to make a report the author fixed it. I guess you have to strike while the iron is hot.

Dist::Zilla Get More Friends
Back in review mode with this post and I get to the first it the many 'POD' tests.

Dist::Zilla Improved POD
I finished off the last of the POD tests and then got all the way to the first of the 'S' tests.

Is this the End for Dist::Zilla

Well in this one I finished off the last of the out standing Test plug-ins for Dist::Zilla and
hinted that this would be end of my Dist-Zilla posts


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