Dist::Zilla Its a wrap!

The great Dist-Pen wrap up part the first.

So has it been really sixty days of blogging about Dist::Zilla and Pod::Weaver? Yes it has so here is a quick round up of what is where.

For the first few post in this series I had a look at the basic install using Dist::Zilla

No Such thing as Moose-Zilla!

In this post I try my hand at building a distribution with Dist::Zilla. Here I found out about some of the required attributes that Dist::Zilla needs and how to use my first plug-in and generate my first distibution with dzil and had a quick look at the mass of Plug-in found on CPAN

Mmm! Dist::Zilla Tea

Carrying on from my first attempts I added in an 'Abstract' into the mix and then started to add in other Plug-Ins to really make a useful distribution for CPAN and learning that dzil has a clean as well as a build command.

'Dist::Zilla' A Bath for Your Distro

In that post I had a close look at the [AutoPrereqs] plug-in and how it saved my some time as I no longer have to troll though my code trying to find all the Prerequsets that may be present

Dist::Zilla Check License

As the name of the post says, I had a look at adding automatic license info to my distro.

Dist::Zilla Set B Scene 169 Take 2A

This was first attempt at trying to incorporate automic version numbers into my distro using the [AutoVersion] plug-in.

Send in New Dist::Zilla!!

Carrying on with my theme of looking at the differing plug-in I had a look at the [PkgVersion] plug-in to see how it worked.

Dist::Zilla: Feeling Better after Smoke

Still playing with the Version of my distribution in that post I had a good opertunity to ask a qustion on the Dist::Zilla IRC. I am glad to say I had an answer quickly and a good one at that.

Dist::Zilla Like Chores

In this post I started to see the real use of Dist::Zilla as I automated the creation of my Meta json and yaml files. Something I always dread doing.

Dist::Zilla Likes Change

In this post I had a look at automating yet another boring CPAN chore that is adding in a changes file to your disto

and the last one for today

Dist::Zilla Takes To POD

In that post I had my first, which in the end trued into many, look at Pod::Weaver

So there you have the first round up of my Dist::Zilla posts.


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