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Its nip a bug day here in the Moose-Pen.

Over the past few days I have been slowly cleaning up my tests and now I am going to fix one more little problem I was having with Database::Accessor; Setting the 'view/table' of an element/field that is being passed down into a DAD.

I do have this working for most of the parts that I am sending down to the DAD but I am still missing this functionality on the 'sort/order by' so lets look at that test as a start;

my $tests = [{
key =>'sorts',
sorts => [
{name => 'last_name',
name => 'first_name',
caption => "Order by ",
sql => "SELECT people.first_name, people.last_name, people.user_id FROM people ORDER BY people.last_name, people.first_name",

This time I have taken the 'view' off the two elements in the sort so it will fail with this SQL

"ORDER BY .last_name, .first_name",

simple enough to fix by just adding in a little more iteration but I want to make my app a little better designed that just brute force each time I have to do something.

One thing I included was a check for properly closed parentheses which I currently only do on the 'conditions' attributes, which is only partial coverage for this check as one can have parentheses anywhere an 'element', 'expression' or 'function' can be used. A good example is this valid SQL clause;

'ORDER BY (pay/tax_rate)+100-(overage*1.02)'

This means I have to that a parentheses check on all my attributes and the only way to accomplish this is to iterate over all of them and while I am doing that I might as well do the '_view' check as well.

The first thing I have to do is modify the '_parentheses_check' sub so it will go over all of the attributes and that is acompliehd by gathering them all up in an array;

private_method _parentheses_check => sub {
my $self = shift;
my ($action) = @_;
--        $self->_count_parentheses( @{ $self->conditions },
--            @{ $self->dynamic_conditions } );
++ my @items;
++ push(@items,@{ $self->conditions }
++ ,@{ $self->dynamic_conditions },
++ ,@{ $self->sorts}
++ ,@{ $self->dynamic_sorts}
++ ,@{ $self->elements}
++ );
++ if ($self->gather()){
++ push(@items,(@{$self->gather->conditions}
++ ,@{ $self->gather->elements}));
++ }
++ $self->_count_parentheses(@items);

die " Database::Accessor->"
. lc($action)
. " Unbalanced parentheses in your conditions and dynamic_conditions. Please check them!"
if ( $self->_parens_are_open() );

The only thing specail with the above is I have to check to see if there is a 'Gather' class set on the DA and then use the conditions and elements from that class.

Next I had to make a change in the '_count_parentheses' sub by getting rid of it and adding it back into the '_parentheses_check' sub as I will not be using it anywhere else. As I did this I did a quick modification to so it will handle more that just 'conditions'

-- $self->_count_parentheses(@items);
foreach my $condition (@items) {
if ( $condition->can('predicates') ) {
my $predicate_count = 0;
foreach my $predicate ( @{ $condition->predicates() } ) {
if ( $predicate->open_parentheses() );
if ( $predicate->close_parentheses() );
if ( $predicate_count and !$predicate->condition() );
$predicate_count = 1;
$self->check_view( $predicate->right )
if (
ref( $predicate->right ) eq
'Database::Accessor::Element' );
$self->check_view( $predicate->left )
if (
ref( $predicate->left ) eq
'Database::Accessor::Element' );
else {

You might notice if you look at the change history I also fixed only other but in the above code. Originally I had;

foreach my $predicate ( @{ $condition->{predicates} } ) {

which should have be;

foreach my $predicate ( @{ $condition->predicates() } ) {

again the same problem I had in another post, old style direct call of an attribute, I guess old coding habits are hard to break, at least my re factoring found it.

I can even get rid of more code as this call


in the 'get_dad_elements' sub is no longer needed. Now it is time to get greedy as I noticed that on my 'execute' sub I had

conditions => $self->check_predicates([@{$self->conditions},@{$self->dynamic_conditions}]),
links =>$self->check_predicates([@{$self->links},@{$self->dynamic_links}]),

which I think I can now replace with just

conditions => [@{$self->conditions},@{$self->dynamic_conditions}],
links => [@{$self->links},@{$self->dynamic_links}],

and it worked so that is another sub gone 'check_predicates' and more iteration saved.

Now to have a look at my test suite and see what needs updating there, but that is another post.

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