Day One at SWP 2019 Olten

Day one here at the SPW coming home again the Florian in Olten CH.
We started the day with Liz Mattijen debunking myths found on the inter-web about Perl 6, Raku, Cammila ah what-ever they are calling it these days.

Liz was very passionate about Perl6 and it was a little sad to hear her story the state of Perl 5 and Perl 6 but we can always hope.

I was up next and was a little flustered to go up next to one of the legends but I think my talk on the history of routes and my personal style of writing route when ok, at least the crowd laughed at the parts I though where funny.

After lunch Jmerelo (Juan Julian Melelo-Guervous) gave a very interesting talk on the many advances in programming since the object-rented programming hay-day of the gay 90s. He went though a number of languages from Scala to F# showing some of their most interesting post-OO features. In the end he showed that Perl6 (Raku) does all of them and sometimes much better.

I had a little work emergency, of course, just as the next talk started so I unfortunately missed out Roman Baume talk on couchDB. Oh well Elixir just have to wait till I buy the book.

The next talk was by Fritz Zaucker and he gave what for me was the fist example of a Perl6 web app in production. I was neat to see how some of the very modern features of Perl6 can be used in a real world environment. The best part is how they leveraged Perl6 grammars to develop a sub language that the non developer end users could use to create the content and functionality on their own.

We ended the day with a few lighting talks the best of which was a brief history of perl marketing by Wendy Van Dijk

Then a nice supper and few too many wiskeys from Wendy's cellars and to bed

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