Day Two at the SPW, or is it SPAFW or WSRAK 2019

A rather relaxed day here at the SPW 2019. We started out with a rather animated open discussion of the future on small Perl meet-ups. Seems it is not only the SWP that can have troubble attracting speakers or attendee, people from around the EU Perl community also voiced some concern that organizing small local workshops is getting more difficult.

On suggestion was changed the name or the SPW to something less perlish (which makes sense as Perl6 will soon have its own name). Another suggestion was joining up with more regional PM groups in the Alpine area to attract a few more attendees and organizers. Personally I have seen the same problems come up in other user groups, not a sign of decline but more a sign that the days of the small workshop may be numbered.

I think the days of bosses allowing you to take two travel days and two work days to attend or present at a small conference are numbered as the response I have seen a few time is “Forget it. Take an hour or so of your own time and watch some YouTube vids. I guess the days of learing though networkign are gone.

Our penultimate talk was by Konstantin Narkhov of the (US readers don't worry the NIISI is not SMERCH but the Russian version of MIT) on a Perl6 CMS called Pheix that leverages block-chain technology to store the content of the CMS. A concept that may be find a very good fit in how the future of tech is going.

The last talk was by Boris Dappen on how he uses Perl in the classroom to give hands on leaning to his student using very simple Perl code. The key learning points for the students is to identify the deliberate holes that where placed in the Perl code. An intriguing way to teach, fix the problem with X.

Boris told us that the gen 'Z' are a little different then we where kids, then tend to be less hands on on the server admin and code hacking side of programming and have a neutral attitude to Perl which is better than the gen 'Y' PHP and Python types who mostly have a negative view of Perl.

Boris is starting to migrate to Perl6 as it is a little more 'Cool' and 'Rad' or 'Hip' than PoP (plain old Perl). He also says the gen 'Z' are into the open community and we may see a change in a few years.

After a quick clean up of the building we went our seperate ways and me back up to the Apls. (only one more 4 k to go)

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Hi, John! Nice report and thanks for support, I thought about your opinion about secure CMS and will try to focus on this in future. Also want to say «Спасибо, товарищ!» to you, but, think, I have no enough expression ))))). Hope to see you later at Something-Anywhere-Else Perl Workshop and present somekind of old SU stuff. It was nice to meet you!

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