Paws XXIV (A little Buzz)

Well after the panic stations I talked about in my last post. I have calmed down a little. It seems that huge check in was for the compiled version of the code base and 99% of the changes where just auto-auto-generated stuff chugged out by boto when it re-compiles.

That being said I did find this thread while investigating the mother of all pushes;

Requirements for stabilisation?

shadowcat-mst commented on 24 May 2018
So, a number of components in Paws have something like this -
Is there a list anywhere of what's required to get to the point where that warning can go away? If not, how would we go about getting to a point where there was such a list?

So I guess all my recent playing in the Paws pen has awoken the dragon or at least spurred a little interest. The thread is a year plus old and very stale as the last comment was on 2 August 2018. Until just the other day after I started to play in the S3 playpen.

This is great as I see a some life getting back into Paws. I did take the opportunity to have a look about in what was going on in the above thread and that led me to this branch

I did a quick pull of that branch and ran my real world tests against it comparing it to the list of bugs I reported fixed;

I posted the results here

I only found that just one of my fixes have been fixed 'GetBucketPolicyOutput ' which is good to know that I have not been working in vain and I have not been kicking sand about in the sandbox.

Reading though the threads I have come to realize that changes to boto are not really a good way to go so I will most likely have to come back and re-examine some of my changes.

A good example is the fix for 'PutBucketLifecycleConfiguration' all it required was a new 'ContentMD5' shape added to it

It it seems the keepers of boto have know about the issuse since 2017 but just ignore it as they had already kludge up their code to work around it

Oh well the pit falls of co-operatvie codeing I guess.

Moving on from here I think I will have to try very hard to remove any boto changes I have made. They have been helpful as that little change I made to the URI


helped me find a number of other little bugs that are now solved. So I will carry on for now and I hope I generate even more Buzz.


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