Egad I have been a lazy Sod

Yep been a while since I posted something, been playing about with my HAM gear too much these days, but I do have a little gem of wisdom to share so here it is.

I updated my Mojolicious for the first time in quite awhile and my personal web server died.

Well this on was 100% my fault as the error was

Can't locate object method "route" via package "Mojolicious::Routes" at /johns/perl/Mojolicious-Plugin-Routes-Restful-0.03-2/blib/lib/Mojolicious/Plugin/Routes/ line 124.

So I had a snoop around Mojolicious today and found this in the change log

8.67 2020-12-04
- Deprecated Mojolicious::Routes::Route::route in favor of Mojolicious::Routes::Route::any.
- Deprecated Mojolicious::Routes::Route::over in favor of Mojolicious::Routes::Route::requires.
- Deprecated Mojolicious::Routes::Route::via in favor of Mojolicious::Routes::Route::methods.

Ok and then a little higher in the file

9.0 2021-02-14
Removed deprecated detour, over, route and via methods from Mojolicious::Routes::Route. 

Ok so there is my problem. A few minutes of re-learning how to use github than a quick swap of 'route' for 'any' and ' via' for 'methods' and I though I was all done

I ran the test suite and
t/10-basic-routes.t ..... ok
t/20-basic-rest.t ....... ok
t/30-advanced-routes.t .. ok
Mojo::Reactor::Poll: I/O watcher failed: A response has already been rendered at /opt/cgt/milk/local/lib/perl5/Mojolicious/ line 154.
# Premature connection close
t/40-advanced-rest.t .. 16/?
#   Failed test 'GET /V_1/myapp/project/1/view_users/1'
#   at t/40-advanced-rest.t line 102.

#   Failed test '200 OK'
#   at t/40-advanced-rest.t line 102.
#          got: undef
#     expected: '200'
# Looks like you failed 2 tests of 17.
t/40-advanced-rest.t .. Dubious, test returned 2 (wstat 512, 0x200)
Failed 2/17 subtests

Ok where did that come from??

Well a good few hours later as I exhausted all my google searches, I had traced the croak back to this line

croak 'A response has already been rendered' if $c->stash->{'mojo.respond'}++; 

In Mojolicious::Renderer;

Being the ham-fisted programmer that I am I took out that offending line from my core perl, as I could find 'mojo.respond' nowhere else in the code and of course this was the result

t/40-advanced-rest.t .... ok

Oh goody a bug to report!!

I as I was busily writing up a bug report, happy in thinking that at least one of my problems for today was not my fault I had a little brainstorm just before I hit 'submit' and I wanted to know who to 'blame' for this obvious bug


Ok Sebastian is at fault, good!

However my better judgment kicked in, funny as never does that usually, and I decided to have a look at the diff for this change and I found the note

       Throw an exception if double rendering is attempted 

now that got me thinking and I had a look at the innards of my test and found this

sub get {
  my $self = shift;

  if ( $self->req->method eq 'GET' ) {
      $self->render( json => { status => 200 } );
   $self->render( json => { status => 404 } );

opps I am doing a double render d'ho

So one 'else ' fixes that

   if ( $self->req->method eq 'GET' ) {
      $self->render( json => { status => 200 } );
   else {
      $self->render( json => { status => 404 } );

and after I had done this fix in a few spots, and put my core perl back to the orginial code I was getting
t/40-advanced-rest.t .... ok

Boy I am glad I did not hit submit on that bug report.

So if you run into that croak message

Mojo::Reactor::Poll: I/O watcher failed: A response has already been rendered at /opt/cgt/milk/local/lib/perl5/Mojolicious/ 

Check you code as it is not Mojolicious doing you wrong.

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