TPRC Toronto Part 3 The End Game

Well a nice banquate last night with good food and good company but a little sad that it was the last day.

To start off I atennded Sawyer X rather sad talk 'No one is Immune to Abuse' I cannot give this talk do justice in a short blog post so I suggest you seek out the recorded talk when it comes out. I will see if I can repost it here once it comes out. It had a large number of lessons for all of us in the Perl comunity.

Next up was me but unfortunetly I have some connection errors and had a little shorter talk and but both of the attendees gave me good feedback ;) oh well that is what happens when you are scheduled at the same time by two of the 'Big Wigs' in the Perl community. Luck of the draw I guess.

I hung around in the same room after my talk and stayed for Lee's talk on how he is recreating his childhood by playing Legend of Zelda, Not a perl talk but an interesting one none the lest as Lee when into some detail how hackers out there have modified the game by simply moving where all the 'Treasures' are normally found, So now one can play the game in a whole new way.

After lunch with an old school chum of mine at is club and catching up with 40 years of personal history and planning for school meetup in the coming fall, but that is another story.

I then went to the Meet the TPRF talk and believe me it was nice not to see the same old faces, there is a new generation of leaders at the TPRF and they are bringing a little life back into the brand.

Next I went to Mohammad Anwar's talk on his Perl and Roku Weekly challenge, and though the turnout was better than mine I was a little disappointed that more people did not show up for the White Camel award talk, again that is what happens when you scheduled a big wig at the same time. Anyway I was taken aback by the amount of work and the community that Mohammad has created, I remember here on the blog when he started out just really as something to kill the time between gigs. I guess I should spend more time looking into the challenge though I never really get any of them

As the last talk I attended was Dave Cross's talk on GitHub for development, Now at least I understand how my companies CI system works as it has always been a black box to me.

Well that is about it as the lightening talks when next, and then the announcement where next years conference so I guess I might be seen you again in Las Vagas

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